Why You Should be Targeting a Niche Market

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If your business is selling beautiful dresses, you don’t walk into the local rugby club and start putting up posters. Likewise if you’re selling burgers, you don’t pay thousands of euro to set up stall in Brown Thomas’ – no matter what the footfall may be. We all know you’re far more likely to sell more burgers at your local rugby club rather than in the shoe section of a large department store – even if only a quarter of the numbers see you there.

It may sounds obvious, but it’s a fact that’s often forgotten about when it comes to print and digital marketing. Even experienced players get their heads turned by numbers. When popular broadsheets are offering multiple more views than anyone else around, it’s tempting to pay the big bucks to get all those people to see your advert. But is it worth it? Wouldn’t you be better off targeting just your niche instead?

The answer is of course – a big fat YES!

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The benefits of niche marketing are:

No wastage. With niche marketing you can be sure the right people are seeing your product. If your product is nappy cream, then you can rest assured that everyone buying a parenting magazine or reading an online article about nappy rash is a potential customer!

More word of mouth referrals. Mums talk. A lot. They constantly refer products to each other – sharing the good stuff, and warning against the bad buys. Money is hard-earned and carefully spent, so we love to tell our friends what works and what doesn’t. Get the right message to the right group of people and they will do your marketing for you.

Honed experience. For most customers, expertise is more important than size or brand name. Readers and customers are looking for knowledge and experience that they can trust. Niche marketing offers this.

Experienced partners. If you use an experienced niche player to help build your brand name, it’s a bit like being introduced to a whole group of your target market in one go. For example, if you’re selling baby products and work with Easy Parenting and MumsOnline, you could think of it as being invited to a huge mother and baby coffee morning where we are the group leader!

More personalised. Your customer’s experience is far more personalised if your branded content, advertising or competition is written with them in mind. Niche marketing offers the chance to use experts to get this right.

More creative. Smaller platforms offer far more flexibility and fun than many larger offerings. If you’re looking for new, creative ways to talk to and engage with your audience then go niche!

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