Why Food & Drink Brands Need Content Marketing

food drink content marketing


The way that people cook has changed. Hungry home cooks aren’t reaching for cookbooks much anymore.

Search interest for “best recipes’ on YouTube is up 48% year over year.

39% of consumers report having made a purchase of some kind from their kitchens.

59% of 25- to 34-year-olds head to the kitchen with either their smartphones or their tablets.

Potential customers are looking for cooking content so it’s in your brand’s best interest to make sure they find your content.

Last month, we attended the 2017 Food & Drink Event, where Tara Calihman, our Content Marketing Strategist, spoke about the importance of content marketing for food and drink brands.

food drink content marketing

In her presentation, Cooking up Tasty Content: A Recipe for Content Marketing Success, she shared 5 ways that content marketing helps your brand, featured a case study of an Irish company doing it well and provided tips for getting started.

If you have questions about how ZMG can help your food or drink brand create some delicious content, give us a shout. We’re always hungry to help!


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