What we love about working at Zahra Media Group



[Disclaimer: This is the first blog post I’ve written for the company blog, and as an American, I have no problem being boastful.]


According to research, workers are more productive when they’re happy. Therefore, it’s in an employer’s best interest to make the workplace a more enjoyable place to be. Employees spend 40+ hours a week at their job so the better they feel while working means an enhanced mental state and an improvement to the company’s bottom line.


Here at Zahra Media Group, we’re a happy lot. We thought it would be fun to join in the spirit of Valentine’s Day by sharing the top five things we love about working here. Even with tight deadlines and juggling workloads, there’s no other place we’d rather be employed. Here’s why…


No.1: Penny, the office dog.

We are lucky to have a sweet canine wandering around our office. Not only is she lovely, Penny also seems to know when someone needs an extra dose of calming love. Who isn’t happy when petting a dog?

Zahra Media Group's office dog Penny sitting under a desk in the office


No.2: The food.

We have an extensive test kitchen that is constantly putting out delicious food for the Easy Food photo shoots. Once the photo shoot is done, that food is placed in kitchen and a note goes out to everyone in Slack. Even if you avoid the kitchen, chances are someone will bring a tray of goodies around to your desk so you have no excuse not to indulge. It’s a daily battle to decide what to eat and how much, but one that we’re not complaining about.

Carrot cake


No.3: Weekly massage.

This is an amazing perk of working at Zahra. Every week a massage therapist comes in, sets up shop and works her magic on the employees here. Self-care is an important part of living a healthy life and when your employer offers massage in-house, it shows they care about helping to decrease your stress levels.


No.4: Our office location.

Our office is two blocks from the sea and provides amazing views. Whether it’s a lunchtime stroll along the Strand or a moment respite on our patio, the sea is beautiful and provides a break from the worries of your email inbox. Not to mention the sound of crashing waves and sea gulls…

Terrace with patio furnature


No.5: Smart people.

Being surrounded by those who challenge you to think harder and write better is an obvious perk. You are kept to a stricter standard and your performance is pushed to meet that of your peers. It’s fun to brainstorm with smart people and makes the job that much easier.


If you’d like to tap into some of our happiness and find out more about why we love our jobs, drop us a note. The good feelings are contagious.


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