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In the final part of our four-part series we chat to Simon Penson to find out what content marketing is really all about.

What is content marketing? This is a really interesting question and one that many have attempted to answer. My view is that it is the distribution and awareness piece of the content plan. It is the ‘marketing’ of the content you have produced to make your target audience aware of your content.

What are the biggest mistakes made in content marketing? The biggest mistake people make in content marketing is thinking that it’s simply another name for Google spam. Content marketing is centred on great content strategy and takes a great deal of resource, intelligence and skill to execute well, particularly in a crowded market place. Few think about their target audience enough either.

What are the biggest difficulties for companies? Content has always been at the centre of all audience development. It’s the glue that brings us all together to form groups of like-minded individuals. The process of creating those audiences is one that obviously rewards those that do it with an incredibly valuable route to market. Every mass media medium has centred on content (newspaper, radio, TV) and the internet is no different. It is simply maturing now.

What are the most exciting developments in the field? The growth of social and changes to search engines have really forced businesses to do ‘real marketing’ as oppose to game algorithms. And that can only be good news for everyone. Investing in and building audiences of real substance will now reward you and create serious value.

Simon Penson (@simonpenson) is a former print journalist and magazine editor. He is the founder and managing director of Zazzle Media, a content marketing and SEO agency based in London.



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