What Makes a Good Content Marketer


Ask yourself these questions to see if you are ready to crown yourself a content king or queen.

Can you understand an audience – any audience – easily and quickly? Depending on the client and their customer base that means being able to understand what Nora, 53, who works in finance to Brian, 21, who likes skateboarding wants to click on or read.

Is researching your number one hobby? You love to delve into the heart of any and every subject matter and unearthing wonderful nuggets that no one else has found to expand into engaging content ideas to blow client’s and their customers’ minds. That is only after you’ve done all the necessary research on the brand itself to find out what really makes it tick and what content will help it grow, of course.

Can you write? And by write we mean everything from pitches, to strategy, to feature articles, news stories, attention grabbing headlines, web content, social media posts and much, much more?

Are you able to switch your tone of voice from task-to-task, to minute-to-minute? Every brand has a different voice and every type of content could have a different tone. You could find yourself donning the hat of a serious health geek one moment to a fun-loving foodie extraordinaire another.

Do you love getting knee deep in strategy? That means hosting workshops with all the stakeholders, brainstorming, researching and more researching before whittling it all down into excel spreadsheets with months of great content ideas mapped out with every stakeholder, stage and contributor.

How are you on analytics? Your client will want to know just how good that content really is for them and what the results are. This is where the number crunching, Google Analytics and, yes, more spreadsheets, comes in.

Is learning your passion? Do you never stop absorbing new skills, techniques and inspiration from around the globe? The world of content is always evolving. And so should you.

How thick is your skin? As with any job in a creative industry you have to be prepared for people to not love your ideas as much as you do, which sometimes hurts a little.

How good are you at disguising a message? None of us want the hard sell from branded content; a lot of the best is as subtle as it can be. As a great content marketer, you’ll be able to weave the brand’s message in, as well convince the client to be brave enough to let the content speak for itself.

If you’ve answered yes to all of the above. Bravo! You are a content marketing aficionado. Why not pop us a mail at careers@zahramediagroup.com as we’d love to hear from you, you genius you!

By Rosie Gogan Keogh

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