Feed Me Well: A very subjective take on weekend cooking

weekend cooking ideas

In this blog post Aga, Easy Food, Easy Gluten-Free, Recipe Lab and Custom photographer at Zahra Media Group, is going to share some of her favourite Easy Food recipes, which with no doubt will make you feel well fed or at the very least, hungry. 

Oh the weekends – how we love our weekends! Time to unwind and find peace. The weekends are our escape from the mundane reality that is called Monday through Friday. I especially love weekends because there is finally enough time in a day to cook delicious meals and treats that I never have time to make during the week. Let me share a few recipes developed by our Easy Food team, which I quickly added to my to-do list after tasting at work…



It’s said that breakfast should be the most important meal of the day as it fuels your body for the long day ahead. Weekend breakfasts are my favourite meals and I always give them enough love and time. There’s nothing more comforting than the smell of freshly baked bread in the morning. Try this delicious wholemeal seed and nut bread recipe and I can assure you that bread making will quickly become part of your weekend routine.

A no-fail companion to go with this bread is the Irish breakfast, but try to be more adventurous by making this smashed pea with prosciutto and cheese curds.



Making something sweet and delicious followed by gobbling it up with a family member or friend plays a huge part of so many of life’s best moments. Try this blueberry streusel muffins recipe – they will vanish before even reaching the room temperature!



Who doesn’t like a delicious homemade pizza? I’m sure that if you will get yourself a pizza stone, the takeaways won’t be on the menu anymore! This fig, onion and blue cheese pizza is a great marriage of the sweet and savoury flavours – a perfect lunch idea.



I always try to cook something unusual on weekends, something that catches my attention while browsing through many food websites, Pinterest or cookbooks. Trying a new type of vegetable or cut of meat, that you wouldn’t usually buy on a daily basis, doesn’t have to be intimidating at all. Set yourself a little challenge by making this bone marrow mash that goes incredibly well with braised beef cheeks. And don’t forget you need a bit of indulgence too – here comes the fruit tart!



For those who still need a bite of something nice to finish off the day feeling well-fed, I picked this beer-fried prawns recipe. There’s no need to mention what drink goes well with it.

Have a lovely weekend and happy eating!

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