What type of video content will best suit your brand?

types of video content

Ruth Drury Byrne is a video producer here at Zahra Media Group. She spends most of her workdays up to her eyes in videos and is just the right person to provide advice on video content.

You have heard that the future of content is video and there are really great stats to back this up, but how do you know what type of video will best suit your brand? There are many different types of video and some can be expensive to produce. So before you run off and start commissioning video, it’s worth putting in a good bit of research to find out what type of video will best suit your brand and will give the results you want.

Ask yourself these questions because the answers will impact the choice of video content you will create.

Who do you want to target?

What do you want to achieve from this video? Is it to educate, build awareness for your brand, build brand trust or simply entertain?

Where is it going to be shown, what social channels?

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Personally, my favourite type of video is video that the viewer feels was time well spent watching it. These could be videos where they learnt something new or a video that enlightened them in some way or encouraged them to act on something. If they feel this way, they will trust the brand that created the videos and will watch them again.

Below are my top 5 types of favourite video content. Which type you choose will depend on what you want to achieve, who you are targeting and where it will be shown.

Testimonial videos

These can be feedback about anything: a customer experience, a product, or an event. The most important point is that they need to be as real and as honest as possible. A good way to get these is to link them in with an event video. Pro tip: when you have someone available to interview, ask them to also answer another question unrelated to the event or product that they are there for. They will usually relax a bit more and come across better on camera. Also, this could be nice content to have in the future.

Product review

According to Hubspot, 64% of customers are more likely to buy a product online after watching a video of it. I am one of those people. Before I buy anything online, I look for a video of it, to really see what the product is like. A good product review should show the product but also give a little bit more than just the review, it should solve a problem for the viewer, create an experience or answer a question.

How-to videos

These can be absolutely about anything. They can include tips, problem solving or educating the viewer in something, ie how to make a quick chicken curry, how to teach my kid to tie his shoelaces, how to fold a fitted sheet, how to pluck my eyebrows correctly, etc. These videos don’t always need to be linked to the viewer but as long as they are relevant , it builds trust in a brand.

Brand videos

The purpose of these videos is to introduce yourself to the viewer. Tell them about your brand and your values. Convince them that your company is worth remembering. This video should be done alongside the below (behind-the-scenes video), one introduces the brand and the product and the other gives another less formal introduction of the people behind the brand.

Behind-the-scenes videos

I love these videos especially if it’s a true honest video as it brings the people behind the brand to life. This type of video also adds an emotional connection to the brand and as a result builds brand trust.


If you think any of the above would work with your brand, the next step is to figure out where you’re going to find the content of the video. My advice would be to begin with what you know and understand.

We at Zahra Media Group recommend creating video content on a regular basis. The video does not need to be hugely expensive or exceptionally cool unless that is what you are aiming for. We understand that if the video is relevant to the viewer, they will watch more video from that brand and as a result, establish a connection. Regular relevant video will build brand trust and if helpful, people will rely on it, expect it and share it. Above all, it will stand out among the many other videos out there.

Let us know if we can help with your video strategy!


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