Top 4 takeaways from the Social Media Summit 2017

Top 4 takeaways from the Social Media Summit


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We were delighted to attend the 2017 Social Media Summit which took place in Croke Park earlier this week.

The summit brought the world’s leading social media professionals together to highlight the importance of incorporating social media into our marketing strategies. It demonstrated how social media can add real value to our businesses, both in terms of revenue and growth.

Numerous influential talks and masterclasses on so many interesting topics took place over the two days. We have managed to narrow it down and select our top five nuggets of wisdom from the event however, so take a look below…


Social Media Summit takeaway oneAlways create share-worthy content

Niall Harbison of the Lovin’ Group took to the stage bright and early on Tuesday morning to share a little wisdom. He stressed the importance of making all content shared on social media so good it’s share-worthy. He claims that social media tagging is the best way to spread organic content as it can amplify your reach profoundly. Thanks Niall – we plan to be a lot more strict about what we share on social. Every post needs to be excellent!

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Social Media Summit takeaway twoBuild trust through content

We all know just how difficult it is for brands to cut through the noise and clutter in today’s digital world. But, Radical’s Cian Corbett reminded us that trusted content will make that cut. He urged brands and companies to create stand-out content that will add value to a consumer’s life rather than interrupt it. People are now looking for much more from advertising. They want something in return for their time. So, valuable and trustworthy content is essential.


Social Media Summit takeaway threeEngage with data and use it to target the right people

Social media data is now more accessible than ever. So, data-driven, demand-era marketer Jacinta Walker, encouraged brands to engage with that data and to use it to target the right people. She noted that 23% of the buying cycle is conversations on social channels, forums and websites which is why it’s important to use these channels to engage with consumers, providing useful, free content that will teach them about products and services. Jacinta urged us not to assume we know our audience. She pushed for us to use data to get to know them.


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Inject personality into your social channels

Social media is all about personality, as Jamie White of Leading Social revealed on day one of the summit. What works for one brand may not work for another. So he urges each individual brand to identify what works best for them and to personify their brand or company through how they act on social media.


Inject personality into content

If you want to learn more about any of these concepts or would like some help with your content marketing strategy, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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