This Old Building: A Tour (Part three)

this old building

Paula Murphy, an account manager here at ZMG, has been detailing the history of our office building. In the third installment, she tackles the kitchen, one of the busiest and most-loved areas of our office.

As you know, Zahra Media Group moved to 12, Prince Of Wales Terrace on Quinsborough Road in Bray a little over a year ago. And, a great amount has happened in our new home since then. 2017 brought heaps of new and exciting things. One of the most significant being our merge with eumom — Ireland’s largest and best-loved parenting community — making Zahra Media Group the go-to place for brands trying to connect with mums and families.


The building, which is so much more than a typical office space, is steeped in history. And with our new eumom sisters now settled in, it’s safe to say that the happy and positive vibe that was present way back in the early 20s, is very much still here today.

To celebrate all that we do and all that’s been done here, we decided to create a series of blog posts that will take you on a room-by-room, whistle-stop tour, to tell the building’s story. Our first trip took us to the multi-functional boardroom, our second to our design studio, but this time, we’re venturing to our beloved kitchen.


The RIGHT side of history…

As we mentioned in the previous two installments, the building was owned by the Ancient Order of Hibernia during the 19th Century. The order set up a club which local men visited to play pool and cards. And two families, the club’s caretaker, his wife and son, and another family of nine (six girls and one boy) resided in the building. Both families used our now test kitchen as a kitchen/living area, for everything from cooking and eating to washing and laundry. Yes, all 12 of them!

When we first moved, our co-founders invited some of the past residents over for tea and a chat. They shared lots of cute stories about their time growing up on Prince Of Wales Terrace. And here’s one that we thought was especially cute…

Two of the sisters dated two young Bray men round about the same time. They went on walks along the seafront, hand-in-hand, and each couple shared their first kiss by our big blue door. Both lads worked up the courage to meet the parents one day. So, the girls brought them inside and down to the kitchen. The family hung their laundry on one of those old-fashioned indoor clothes lines and as they came in, a pair of knickers fell from the line and landed right between them! Safe to say that that broke the ice!


A little taste of our kitchen’s functionalities two centuries later…

Our Food Division now use the space as a test kitchen for both our in-house food magazines, Easy Food and Easy Gluten-Free. They create and test recipes in the kitchen before heading into our photo studio or boardroom to style and shoot the food. They try our recipes for all kinds of dishes. Healthy breakfasts, quick and easy dinner dishes and even indulgent desserts.

But that’s not all, our resident food stylists also use the space to develop and test recipes for brands like Kerrygold, Heinz, Dr. Oetker, Avonmore. Plus, they even use the space to create quick video tutorials (like the one below), passing their skills on to fans and followers at home. Keep an eye on the team’s Instagram page for more.

The team cook up a storm almost every day of the week, so, as you’ve probably guessed, that makes for very happy colleagues!


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