This Old Building: A Tour (Part two)


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Zahra Media Group moved to 12, Prince Of Wales Terrace on the Quinsborough Road in Bray just under a year ago. And we have certainly grown to love our new home. The building, which is so much more than a typical office space, is steeped in history. And it’s happy and positive vibe has certainly carried right through from the early 20s.

To celebrate all that we do and all that’s been done here, we decided to create a series of blog posts that will take you on a room-by-room, whistle-stop tour of the building, to tell its story.

Our first trip took us to the multi-functional boardroom. But this time, we’re venturing up to the top floor, where the Zahra Media Group design studio and our CEO and MD’s offices are located.

Zahra Media Group design studio

As we mentioned in the first instalment, back in the 19th century, the building was owned by the Ancient Order of Hibernia, an association tasked with an important job: protecting the Catholic community’s ethos and counteracting the overreach of the Protestant Church.

The Order set up a club, which Catholic men visited to play pool and cards. It was located on the ground floor and the building’s caretaker, his wife and his son lived on the top floor. Every Friday, the caretaker would collect the punters’ money as they entered and would look after the general upkeep of the building.

Here’s a little taste of our top floor’s functionalities, two centuries later…

The Zahra Media Group design team have their own creative space on the top floor of the building. It’s spacious, bright and full of artistic energy. Our designers love their studio’s size, decor and vibe. It stimulates creativity and gives them lots of room to be creative.

Zahra Media Group - design studio

“I really like the vibe that the Victorian style building brings. Especially because we have added a modern, girly, colourful touch to the decor, so our studio looks very cosy, welcoming, warm.” – Yume

Other teams at the office certainly don’t envy the many flights of stairs our designers have to climb each day. But Nikki says she’s happy with the exercise, after all, exercise gets blood flowing to the brain!

Zahra Media Group- design studio

The team work on a vast variety of projects. They design all three of our in-house magazines, Easy Food, Easy Gluten-Free and Easy Parenting, from start to finish. And they work on everything from infographics, illustrations and posters to annual reports, magazines and even exhibitions for our blue-chip clients.

Zahra Media Group - design studio - illustrations

Nikki’s favourite project that she’s created in the studio is Play Magazine, a quarterly publication we create and publish for Virgin Media Ireland. She created the entire look and feel for the magazine.

“I love working on this magazine because the Virgin team is very open minded. They really let me be creative and never hold back on any of my ideas.” – Nikki

Zahra Media Group- design studio - Play Magazine

Yume’s favourite is Easy Gluten-Free, another quarterly magazine we publish in conjunction with the Coeliac Society Of Ireland. She loves how she had total freedom in creating the style for the magazine and feels as though it’s her baby!

Zahra Media Group- design studio - Easy Gluten-Free Magazine

Nicola is extremely proud of her work on the Ardnacrusha Visitor Experience, an exhibition we created for ESB. It’s the first exhibition the team has ever worked on. And yes, there were hard hats involved!

“Ardnacrusha is an amazing engineering achievement and a stunning place to visit. I was lucky to have the chance to design the new visitor experience at Ardnacrusha – everything from the panels on the walls which tell Ardnacrusha’s fascinating story to the floor and wallpaper which enhance the experience.”


Team Zahra are busy installing Ardnacrusha this week! We love the new look guys!! #anotherdayattheoffice #Zahra #design

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The top floor is also home to our CEO, John and our MD Gina’s offices. We’ve developed content strategies and calendars, worked on pitches and so much more in these creative spaces. Plus we submit our holiday forms to John so that always makes for a nice visit!

Zahra Media Group Gina's office

12, Prince Of Wales Terrace - our CEO John's office

This post is the second in our This Old Building: A Tour series. You can check out the first here. And you can also keep an eye on our social channels, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook for more about Zahra Media Group over the coming weeks.


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