The Biggest Mistakes Made on Social Media


On March 1st and 2nd, a mix of media professionals, SME owners, marketing managers and a handful of the world’s elite social media experts gathered at the Aviva Stadium in Dublin – all hoping to crack the code of social media at Dublin’s first Social Media Summit. Throughout the event social media experts highlighted the biggest mistakes made in social media and we’ve rounded them up into one handy blog post.

1. Not being consistent and not committing fully is an issue for many businesses. Too many start off with a lot of enthusiasm and then fall off the wagon after a month or two because of a lack of planning, she said.

2. Buying followers just to have the numbers up is a major pitfall. It’s about quality of interactions, rather than quantity of likes and follows. Many companies steer clear of social media after one bad experience.

3.Overcoming the feeling of fear and overwhelm is key to achieving success across all platforms. You have to try, fail and try again before getting it right.

4. And last but not least, don’t forget the most important element of social media is that it’s ‘social’. Even when it’s a big business doing the talking, the human factor has to be paramount.

If there are any major mistakes that we’ve left out and you think need to be included, leave a comment below!


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