The 5 Best Examples of Content Marketing


When explaining how effective a strategy can be, the best way to show this clearly is to look at what the biggest companies are doing, and why they’re doing it. Although the examples may not be instantly transferable to you or your business, . Here are some familiar names and their inspiring examples of content marketing.

industrial image of Facebook logo1. Hootsuite

How do you make an already successful company even more successful? You piggyback off of what is perhaps the biggest series to ever occur in the history of television, Game of Thrones. With the tagline “Unite Your Social Kingdoms,” Hootsuite portrayed itself as the neutral ground upon which the four main social giants could meet in peace. The genius Game of Social Thrones promo video earned just short of a million views and was posted with the release of GOT Season 5, all of which definitely earned the company some new fans.


McDonalds website page2. McDonald’s

When McDonald’s Canada launched its ‘Our Food, Your Questions’ campaign it certainly got an overwhelming response, both positive and negative. The fast food corporation decided to provide a space where customers (both fans and critics alike) could ask questions about the establishments food. Jay Baer, content marketer extraordinaire, described the campaign as the “best example of content marketing ever.”


Woman holding headphones3. Beats by Dre

Beats by Dre uses the medium of Instagram to display the majority of their content marketing material. The brand is clearly business savvy and uses it’s account on the popular site to post creative promotional photos and short videos showcasing just how great their products are. Not only does this feed the appetite of the headphones manufacturer’s hungry and fiercely loyal audience, but it also creates an aura around the brand by giving its followers a sneak peak behind the scenes of the hugely successful empire. The Beats by Dre Instagram account has 2.8 million followers, with its posts likes at an average of 20,000-25,000, which translates into serious currency on the internet.



Woman on top of a hill4. GoPro

Not all of us are as lucky as to be selling a product that is a content creator – in fact, if GoPro couldn’t make a masterful gallery of adrenaline-fueled videos and incredible jaw-dropping photos, there wouldn’t be much hope for the rest of their business. Not that they have to do much: GoPro have a notoriously small budget for marketing as all they have to do is encourage their customers to share their experiences and tag GoPro in it. A great example for small businesses of how to market effectively without spending much money.


image of skateboarders and bikers5. Vans

This is a classic case of taking the lens and turning it on its audience. Vans decided to shoot a 12 episode docu-series focusing on the creative minds that inspire and embody the brand, rather than using the platform to shove products down customers’ necks. Living Off The Wall is an incredible use of content marketing and paid off for the successful brand in a big way. Robert Rose, Chief Strategist at the Content Marketing Institute, described the creative series as “well worth a look for all content marketers.”


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