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How Not to Lose Your Audience When Rebranding Your Business

When done cleverly and strategically, rebranding your business has untold benefits. However, the risks of rebranding certainly run high. One of the biggest dangers is…

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From A to Zahra, Episode 7: G is for Google

You can’t have a conversation about content without mentioning our search engine overlord, Google. (Just kidding – love you Google!) When it comes to SEO…

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What Are The Benefits of Internal Linking?

Emily Elphinstone is a Digital Content Assistant here at Zahra Media Group, a former actor and a queen of linking internally. In this post, she…

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The Ultimate Glossary Of Content Marketing Terms (Part two)

Welcome to the second post in our two-part content marketing glossary series, in which we define all those essential content marketing terms. Last time we covered…

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