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everymum our new name for eumom

A new name for the changing face of motherhood Who is everymum? A brand with an 18 year legacy. A brand that supports 50,000 pregnant…

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From A to Zahra, Episode 6: F is for Facebook

When it comes to content and the letter ‘F’, there is really nothing else you can talk about but Facebook. And fortunately, Zahra’s Head of…

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Top Tips for Successful Content Migration

  Facing an upcoming content migration? Mairéad Cahalan, Editor of, talks us through eumom’s recent redesign and content migration, plus shares tips on maintaining…

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How Competitions Can Link Small Businesses to Engaged Audiences

  Ciara Morgan is our Business Relationship Manager and manages the logistics of the eumom gift bag and hospital information packs. Ciara also liaises with…

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Merger Interview – Annette Burns Young

  We interviewed Annette Burns Young, the Executive Director of eumom, about eumom’s recent merger with Zahra Media Group. She shares her thoughts on mergers…

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What Can Customer-Focused Events Do For Your Brand?

  Did you know that 73% of consumers say they are likely to buy a product after trying it? Only 25% say the same thing about seeing a television…

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