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From A to Zahra, Episode 4: D is for Design and Diversity

  D is for design and diversity, two important concepts when it comes to content. How you present your content visually can have a great…

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This Old Building: A Tour (Part two)

Zahra Media Group moved to 12, Prince Of Wales Terrace on the Quinsborough Road in Bray just under a year ago. And we have certainly…

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Best of Offset Dublin 2017

The Zahra design team attended Offset this past weekend, which is a must-attend event for any graphic designer or creative artist. Offset is a three-day…

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Our design team reveal their favourite fonts

Fonts can be the difference between a good design and a bad one, and the right font is essential when it comes to conveying your…

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Interior Inspiration: 7 Tips for Graphic Designers

Every branch of graphic design and visual communications has its own set of rules: the rule of threes in photography, the Golden Ratio in architecture,…

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