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A New Magic Circle: Zahra Media Group Wins Publisher of the Year

John Mullins, CEO of Zahra Media Group, talks about our win at the Irish Magazine Awards 2018 for our outstanding year in Irish publishing. What does winning…

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Case Study: Creating a Multi-Format Campaign for Bosch

  According to a recent study by Wordstream, the average user spends 88% more time on a website with video. So it makes sense for brands to include video…

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What Influence Do Kids Have On Family Spending?

Have you underestimated pester power? Pester power is the ability children have to make their parents buy something, by asking for it many times until…

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3 great content marketing campaigns from banks

In recent years, content marketing has become a widespread strategy being implemented more often and by more industries than ever before. One industry doing it…

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Case Study: Lidl News

Client: Lidl Publisher: Zahra Media Group Services: Content creation, design, repro, production management, print management Circulation: 310,000 monthly across two issues in Ireland and Northern…

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