Why You Should Be Repurposing Content

repurposing content

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Creating content without thinking about how to repurpose it is a waste of time and energy. No matter what size your content team, each piece of content should be able to work for you in a variety of ways. Otherwise, you’re exerting a lot of unnecessary effort on creating new pieces of content, when you could be smartly reusing that content to live longer and perform better for your brand. Repurposing content isn’t rocket science, but it does take some thought.

Going into the planning process, you should think of each content idea as a seed, with that seed having the potential to grow into different things depending on where it’s planted. But regardless of the final product, everything should sprout from that one seed.

For example, let’s say the sales team had an idea for a blog post based on a number of questions they were receiving from potential customers. You sit down with a member of sales to write the blog post and it turns out that the subject matter is quite complex. There is much more material than you could put in a single blog post, so you decide to break the blog posts up into a three-part series.

Once you post the blog series, you then decide to turn the summary of those posts into an infographic. This is great because you can present the same information in a visual way, pointing out the highlights and main takeaways. Additionally, you can link back to the blog post series, if readers want to find out more.

repurposing content

Realising that you have an enormous amount of data to convey, you decide to make small graphics with tips from each of the blog posts that can be easily shared on social media. These visual snippets help to grab people’s attention and give them a bite-sized dose of what the posts contain. You can post these on Twitter and LinkedIn, with relevant messages to each respective audience, and share a link to the blog posts that offer more in-depth information.

From there, you take that same blog post series and turn it into a webinar. You already have the summary sussed out from the infographic, so it’s easy to distil what you want to cover in a 30-minute webinar. Working with the original member of the sales team that helped you to write the blog post, you create a slide deck, schedule time to practice and get to work promoting your upcoming webinar.

You’re not done yet. With the overwhelmingly positive response you got from your webinar, it dawns on you that you should take this content idea on the road. After convincing that same sales person that it would help them close deals if they got on stage to talk about this complex topic, you sit down and create a speaking abstract which you then proceed to send out to a handful of conferences with targeted audiences.

You have now taken one content idea and turned it into a blog post series, an infographic, a social media campaign, a webinar and a topic ready for the conference circuit. What more could you want? Okay, fine. Condense all that information from the 3-part blog series, add a bit more research or quotes, and package it up as an eBook. The content will live on in yet another format, generating leads and contributing to the SEO of your company’s website.

And that, friends, is how you repurpose content. If you need help with planting, watering and growing more content seeds, don’t be afraid to drop us a note. We’d be happy to chat!


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