Putting your Email Database to Work

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Suzanne Davis is the Head of Sales for eumom and in this blog post, she talks about how to use your email database like a recipe and adjust it to suit your audience.

Consumers are very savvy & sometimes cautious about signing up to receiving newsletters so when they do, they need to be respected and minded. People’s time is precious and the opportunity you have as a brand to make an impact via email is limited. When you do go down this route, it’s essential to be smart with your message and create it with your exact audience in mind. This will reap greater rewards in the long run and earn respect from your customers.

Email databases can be vast and one size does not fit all. We’ve learnt a lot in the past 18 months about managing our member database and not bombarding our members with lots of emails. This has proved not only beneficial for us and our community, but also for our clients.


Why segment your database?

To give you an example, we recently worked with a financial client who had some emails as part of their campaign. We selected a large base for the first email send as reach was key for the client. The second email went to a segmented, engaged base where targeting was the KPI.

So which email performed better? Interestingly while the reach on the second email send was 10% of the first email send, the actual opens and click through’s were equal on both. This shows how much better an email can work for you when you consider member interests and behaviour.

The importance of relevance

Once you’ve segmented your audience, make sure that you’re choosing the most appropriate message. The content in the email, along with the creative assets, should be aligned with the target audience. When you’ve selected the profile of person you’re sending the email to, ensure the message is specific to them so they know you know who they are, ie. you are a car brand and you’re targeting pregnant women, acknowledge you know they’re expecting and use bespoke creative, as opposed to using the newspaper and bus-side/outdoor advert you’re using elsewhere.

There’s nothing worse than spending time segmenting your email list and then sending them an email that doesn’t resonate with them. It pays to do your research by talking with *real people* in that specific segment and understanding what their needs/problems are.

Keep these tips in mind when you’re planning your next campaign and feel free to get in touch if you would like more information.

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