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We all want to get the best value for our available budget, but how do we know where to go to get that value, especially when the world of advertising is constantly shifting and changing?

Well we may just have the answer for you.

November 2017 research commissioned by Thinkbox in the UK, found that after TV, print was the second most efficient advertising medium, adding £2.43 to the bottom line for every £1 spent.


That compares with £2.35 for online video and 84p for online display advertising.

The study was carried out and audited independently by marketing analysts at Ebiquity and Gain Theory, based on 2,000 advertising campaigns.

By examining the proportion of campaigns by different forms of advertising that made a profit for the advertiser, Ebiquity and Gain Theory identified the relative safety of different advertising investments.

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Looking at total profit success during the 3 years after ad campaigns finished, 86% of TV advertising campaigns delivered a profitable return.  Unfortunately TV advertising is often prohibitively expensive for many brands, but the good news is that TV is followed closely by Print (78%), then Radio (75%), Online Video (67%), Out of Home (48%), and Online Display (40%).

For the same reason video hasn’t fully replaced the emotional power of the immersive TV experience, print brings a less noisy setting that can’t be fully duplicated online. There is a uniquely strong allegiance to content the reader is physically holding onto. Pure branding will continue to wane, but smart calls to action will drive measurable growth for products who benefit from this intimate medium. – Kim EvensonLegacy (Forbes 2017)

As long-time leaders in the Irish publishing world we always knew that print was a powerful platform for sharing both content and advertising, and now we have the statistics to back that up.

Print has seen a resurgence in recent years with ABC circulation rising on our No. 1 newsstand magazines – Easy Food (3% rise in 2016) and Easy Parenting (12% rise in 2016) – while the Ultimate Maternity Guide reaches 50,000. Our newest offering, Easy Gluten Free, has recently gone global with distribution rights confirmed for the UK, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, US and Canada. Exciting times.

However, not only are we perfectly placed in the print publishing realm, where Zahra really packs a punch is that we also offer digital, video, sampling, events and much more – so we span multiple platforms and therefore multiple audiences at a much reduced rate of investment. Put those platforms together into one package and you will really see the statistics explode.

Mixing print advertising with a fully integrated approach has been successful with our construction executive buyers, leading to larger enterprise partnerships. Combining social, native, digital and other lead-generation efforts to saturate the audience will help tell the complete story and reach the audience where they feel comfortable interacting with the brand. – Heather DueittNoteVault (Forbes 2017)

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