Podcast Launch: From A to Zahra



We’re excited to announce our podcast launch. The first episode is available in the iTunes store. It’s called From A to Zahra, and we’re setting out to tackle all things content. We figure that will provide us with enough fodder for *at least* 26 episodes.

We’ve decided to go down the alphabetical route, so the first episode is brought to you by the letter A. John and Gina, the co-founders of Zahra Media Group, are the first guests and we discuss agility, authority and algorithms.

Show notes:

(00:1:00 – 00:2:00) Origin story of Zahra Media Group and the launch of Easy Food magazine

(00:2:15 – 00:10:58) John Mullins on the importance of adaptability, a brief history of the publishing industry & why it’s necessary for you to own your content

(00:11:15 – 00:13:25) John’s tips for staying agile, especially if you’re in an industry that’s being disrupted

(00:14:14 – 00:16:15) Gina Miltiadou talks about authority, how to create it and how it plays into content

(00:16:22 – 00:19:30) Gina shares ideas for how to become a thought leader in your space

(00:19:35 – 00:23:30) What happens when a brand loses authority or trust with the public

(00:24:00 – 00:28:10) Tara talks algorithms, what they mean for content and how they factor into social media engagement

(00:29:00 – 00:34:55) John, Gina and Tara ask the hard questions about algorithms, what they mean for the push-pull model of consumption, why impressions don’t really matter as a KPI and why context is king

(00:35:00 – 00:41:35) John wonders about how to introduce ‘new’ into the algorithms, namely why does he get so many zombie movie recommendations on Netflix, and how trust plays into recommendations online

podcast launch

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Take a listen and let us know if you have ideas or would like to be a guest on our podcast. Episode 2 is dropping soon, so stay tuned.


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