Our design team reveal their favourite fonts

AB graffiti text


Fonts can be the difference between a good design and a bad one, and the right font is essential when it comes to conveying your message.

Sometimes the choice can seem obvious. For example, a calligraphy-style font wouldn’t best represent a law firm in the same way that a crèche wouldn’t choose something bold or boxy.

However, it gets a little more complicated beyond that, which is why our experienced graphic design team is our number one when it comes to choosing fonts.

Take a look as our designers reveal their favourites below. You may even find some new font choices to inspire your next project.



“My taste in fonts is constantly changing and my choice is regularly influenced by the latest trends. I do however always seem to revert back to script and handwritten varieties most.

Marguitas font

At the moment I love a pretty fun font called Marguaritas. It’s a free-form daft font and that’s always a bonus. Hipsterish is another of my current favourites. It’s very on trend at the moment.”

Hipsterish font



“Like Nikki’s, my opinion is always changing. Sometimes I use a font I love so many times that I get sick of it, just like what happens when you play a song on repeat.

Edeline font

At the moment though, I really like Edeline and Fairytales Script for fun and cute designs. I love how they have an arty and sketchy feel to them.

Fairytales-Script font

When I need to make a statement, I like to use Bebas Neue. It’s blocky and strong and get’s the point across.

Bebas-Neue font

Georgia will always be my favourite classic font. I like the fact that the serifs are rounded and aren’t too big.”



“I would have to say Helvetica Neue as my favourite. It’s a good hardworking font and I know I can always rely on it for editorial design. It’s easy to read at any size and great for small credits, captions etc.

Helvetica Neue font

I also love Replica when I see it used. It’s a sharp sans serif with lovely details on the edges and looks great when used big”.


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