Design Field Trip: Offset Dublin 2018

offset dublin 2018

Our design team attended the always-fabulous Offset Dublin 2018 conference over the weekend and returned to work loaded with inspiration. Similar to last year, we asked them to report back on their favourite topics and speakers from the day. Here’s what they said…


Luke Powell & Jody Hudson-Powell, Pentagram

This was a talk about continuously learning and improving on what you do. Luke and Jody’s attitude was great in that they never let being a “graphic designer” hold them back. When they are with a client and a client suggests things they might not know how to do, they always ensure they find a way by pushing themselves to find a solution. They hold tight to all the connections they have made along the way and value all ideas even ones they come up with in the pub!


Beatrice Alemagna, Illustrator

As an illustrator, Yume especially enjoyed this talk. It’s always fascinating to learn about other colleagues’ techniques and seeing different styles of illustration is always inspiring. Beatrice’s unique use of children-like drawings and colour palette is a feast for the eyes!


Simone Rocha, Fashion Designer

With a passion for high couture fashion, this was another talk that appealed to Yume. Irish designer Simone Rocha’s gorgeous and dreamy collections are just breathtaking! The designer shared a lot about her process, and it was interesting how she can get a few photos and references and use details that are almost imperceptible to the untrained eye and turn all of that into a concept. She’s very talented and Yume hopes to one day own a dress of hers!

Hub Games

Our team enjoyed this one as the presenters are game designers. They are best known for their game Rory’s Story Cubes – this game has a really simple idea: you roll out the cubes and then using the icons on the cubes, you tell a story that includes all the icons. This game is loved worldwide as it inspires creativity and is ageless. One of their other games is The Extraordinaires, which encourages creative thinking in children. Sarah thought it was a fab idea and felt it could benefit everyone. Both games would be helpful for kickstarting some of our brainstorming and team building exercises.


Gail Bichler, New York Times Magazine Design Director

Now this was such a great speech to end the day! As a graphic designer, it’s a bit mind-blowing to see how bold and creative this magazine is. Maybe it’s not print that is dying, but that the industry needs to find a new, more modern way to approach print and magazines. The fact that their design team barely ever uses Photoshop to do the covers (they even got a 150-foot-tall image printed and assembled by French artist JR on a street in New York just for a cover!) is what design is, or should be, about.

It was a fantastic day of learning and our design team was pleased to have the opportunity to attend!

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