Look out for the National Parenting Product Guide 2017!

Look out for the National Parenting Product Guide 2017!

Following the National Parenting Product Awards 2017, which took place on September 26th, we at Zahra Media Group have just published our annual National Parenting Product Guide, which gives parents the opportunity to explore the results of our extensive product testing. The National Parenting Product Guide is the first consolidated source of information for parents and parents-to-be in Ireland, trying to select the right products for their babies. Now in its fourth year, the Guide will help parents to navigate the great big world that is aimed at little ones.

Look out for the National Parenting Product Guide 2017! The National Parenting Product Guide is ... (2)

Who is behind the National Parenting Product Guide?

The National Parenting Product Awards were set up in 2014 by Zahra Media Group (publishers of Easy Parenting Magazine, the Ultimate Maternity Guide, and eumom.ie) who teamed up with research company Kantar Millward Brown to develop the awards – the objective being to independently and rigorously test products in the parenting category, amongst consumers and experts.

How does it work?

To compile the research, each product is tested by a minimum of 70 parents, taken from a statistically reliable national sample of mothers with babies under 3-years-old. Products are then studied by a group of 20 experts from a broad range of areas relating to parenting and child well-being, as well as fields including product design, and healthcare. Research questions are customised by category and tested against a set of key criteria including quality, functionality, safety, value for money and likelihood to recommend.

Following the extensive testing in July and August 2017, all this data was collated, and winners were announced at the National Parenting Product Awards in September. But to complete the process, an analytical research report is produced by research company Millward Brown for every product tested, which are then made available to brands, providing valuable insights for future product development and planning.

Look out for the National Parenting Product Guide 2017! Research questions

The National Parenting Product Guide

Meanwhile, the National Parenting Product Guide has now been compiled and was distributed to approximately 120,000 people in the Irish Mail on Sunday, November 19th. If you missed it in the newspaper, you can look for it in Easy Parenting Magazine’s next issue.

All 180+ products that were tested, feature in the guide. While Gold, Silver and Bronze winners are highlighted in more detail, with results of their consumer and expert ratings, the Guide also includes a list of all runners-up, in order to give parents a full picture of the products available in each category. With 100 pages, featuring products across over 40 categories, including travel systems, changing bags, skincare products, pregnancy supplements and baby care products, The National Parenting Product Guide is fast becoming an invaluable resource for new parents.

Want your products to be considered for the awards next year? For further information on the NPPA, and National Parenting Product Guide, go to www.nppa.ie or drop us a line and we’d be happy to chat.

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