What we’re most looking forward to at the Dublin Tech Summit 2017

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With less than a week to go to the Dublin Tech Summit, we’re beginning to feel more than a little excited. Showcasing everything Dublin has to offer as a global technology hub, the summit will host talks from over 200 speakers and global investors.

Narrowing down that list is proving quite a difficult task with talks on so many relevant and interesting topics taking place across eight stages over the two days.

We have managed, however, to select the three talks we’re most looking forward to. Take a look below…


The Art Of Storytelling

Wednesday, 9:40-10:10, PRISM Stage

Pixar Studios story and character creator Matthew Luhn, will deliver this exciting talk , first thing on day one. 

Matthew has over 20 years of experience creating and developing characters and stories for blockbuster films. He’s also trained CEOs, marketing teams, directors and other professionals on how to craft and tell stories, so we cannot wait to hear what he has to say.

Stories, after all, compel us to engage in experiences and Matthew Luhn has nailed a strategy to allow us connect more effectively with audiences through the art of storytelling.


In The future Everyone Will Be Artificially Creative

Wednesday, 14:40-15:00, PRISM Stage

Creativity expert, Ben Jones will shed a little light on the emergence of AI and discuss how we can change and harness this innovation to be successful in the new world.

We’re keen to see what this has in store for content creation, as we’re not sold on the idea of AI-generated content. All good and compelling content needs a human touch, right?


Improving Engagement in today’s social world

Wednesday, 13:00-13:30, Business & Marketing Stage

Chris Jones, the Global audience Development Specialist at Google, will discuss the challenges we as content creators face.

With over 10 million online publications like blogs and corporate sites fighting for space on the web, audience engagement is becoming increasingly difficult.

We’re looking forward to learning more about how to best monetise our content and how to stay relevant with our audience’s ever-changing tech landscape.


The Dublin Tech Summit will take place in the Convention Centre on Wednesday, 15th and Thursday, 16th February.



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