Google Products You Didn’t Know Existed


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With its many product offerings, Google has become a cornerstone that many digital marketers rely on to do their work. There’s AdWords, Google Search Console and the very useful Analytics. But Google is one company that refuses to settle. Compiled below is a list of some of the lesser-known innovations that might just make your job a little easier…

Desperately seeking a trend? With Google Trends, it’s easy to see search trends over time as well as compare searches for different terms. It’s especially interesting to see their annual search report, providing the most popular searches by volume and time of year.

lesser-known Google products

Looking for a free font? Don’t risk downloading something sketchy from an untrusted source when you can access an entire library of free open source fonts from Google. They encourage collaboration and promise that using their fonts will not slow down the load time of your site. So no matter where in the world you’re working, you can find quality typography for your design project.

Need some data? No matter what it is you’re researching, you’re sure to find hard numbers about it on Google’s public data directory. There are organisations ranging from the International Monetary Fund to the U.S. Census Bureaus to the Eurostat, including really useful ones like the Google Flu Trends Estimates.

Prefer academic data? Not to worry, because Google Scholar has you covered here as well. You can search through scholarly publications, from theses to court opinions to professional societies, just to name a few. Google also ranks these articles by weighing the full text, who wrote it and how many times its been cited by other publications.

lesser-known Google products

Feeling artsy? Featuring content from over 1200 of the world’s leading museums and archives, Google Arts & Culture provides a peek into the global craftsmanship behind many different artistic mediums. You can search by artists, movements, places or historical events but be warned: this site may not actually enhance your productivity.

Want to spice up some boring data? Leave it to Google. You can now make GIFs out of your data. You read that correctly. Simply enter the data you want to represent into the Data GIF Maker and Google will turn it into a more entertaining visual. What more could you possibly want?

Are there any Google products that you can’t live without? Let us know in the comments!


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