Learn Inbound Recap: A Night at the Academy


We attended Learn Inbound last night and had a great time. Between the excellent speakers, the beer and the cupcakes, we were in content marketing heaven. This was Learn Inbound’s tenth event and although it was only our first, it won’t be our last.

The evening started with Cara Harshman explaining the importance of website personalisation. B2C companies wouldn’t think of not personalising their website, as evidenced by the ample personalised options and recommendations that bombard every online shopper when they search for something. B2B hasn’t caught up to B2C yet in this arena but Cara presented case studies and tips for how to get started successfully.

Cara shared the building blocks of personalisation, the who (your audience) and the what (the experience). There are three components to keep in mind when dealing with your audience: 1) their behaviour, or what actions are they doing. Have they downloaded content or viewed a specific page more than once?; 2) their demographics, or who they are. What is their industry, location, gender and company size?; and 3) the context, or how did they get there. What referral source or specific marketing campaign brought the user to the website?

Once you’ve figured out the who, you can move on to the what. What are you going to show this visitor based on what you know about them? First, you need to consider the location of the personalised content. Where is it going to be placed on the page? Secondly, you need the actual content. What is the message that you’re delivering to this specific user? There should be a relevant hero image combined with headlines that are appropriate to the demographic criteria, at the very least. Offering other content that appeals to the user is a great way to increase conversions. Finally, it’s imperative to measure what you’ve been doing. How is the personalisation performing?

The next speaker was Angie Schottmuller, who discussed how to be a growth marketing avenger. Her talk was sprinkled with handy takeaways for any marketing team, but what really resonated was the list of top growth obstacles she shared. These include:

  1. Highest Paid Person’s Opinion (HiPPOs)/Egos
  2. Lack of knowledge
  3. Miscommunication
  4. Low team engagement/morale

She also shared two other tips that we loved. One was using scorecards as a way of taking the emotion out of feedback. When you provide criticism to a creative type, they can take it personally and feel insulted. By using a scorecard, you take out the personal element and show the creator exactly what you need in the finished product.


Additionally, Angie shared an example of a strategic planning map that we found brilliant. It provides an easy way to stay focused, make sure everyone understands what is happening and can act as a solid framework to implement your marketing plan.  

The final speaker of the evening was Kieran Flanagan of HubSpot. He gave a very detailed presentation on how to find the appropriate channels to acquire users and accelerate the growth of your product. Kieran’s presentation was chock full of data-driven insights, suggestions for strategies that he has implemented at HubSpot and nuanced ways to keep increasing your market growth. You can view his presentation, which includes a handy product channel map, below…

Learn Inbound was a fantastic night all the way around and we’re looking forward to the next one in November!


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