The Importance of Offline and Online Presence

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Ciara Morgan is the Business Relationship Manager and knows how important the link is between eumom’s offline and online activities. She details this in more depth here…

Simply put, an offline presence builds our online eumom community and our content keeps it stable. The path of an eumom member begins offline with our hospital patient information packs. These packs are supplied by midwives to their maternity patients at their 12 week appointment. To have these packs in the hospitals, we have a strong bond with each hospital that we work with to ensure the ethos of both are adhered to and followed carefully.

We provide a service to most maternity hospitals and pack the HSE booklet along with other leaflets of interest including our fantastic Pregnancy diary. Our branding features subtly but consistently throughout the pack.

Why are these important?

When a member picks up her pack she tends to keep her pack close and store her hospital documents where necessary inside as it is compact and large enough to fit her hospital file. It is on this pack that she is invited to register with the eumom website. Once a member registers, we greet them with open arms with our first ‘Welcome’ email and from then on, they can receive weekly updates depending on their life stage and the data they input.

The Pregnancy Diary within the pack is eumom branded and created using our expert content and guides the reader through every week of their pregnancy. Every week the reader is reminded of who provides her this content and she gets a page here and there that encourage her to sign up to eumom for more content.

The next step…

The next step in the member’s new online presence and as a perk to being a member, they receive an eumom gift bag which is available for collection in our partner’s retail outlets- SuperValu. The member will print their voucher from our site and present same to their local SuperValu. Most of the 20 sampling products carried in the bag are available to buy in SuperValu.



Our bag has full branding and is reusable and we encourage it to be used in everyday life by running incentivised competitions on our social channels inviting members to send photographs of how they use their eumom bag, i.e continued offline presence and subtle advertising! They tell their friends and their friends will also join to acquire a fabulous, sparkly new gift bag!

In fact, our eumom gift bag is so popular it features in our top three SEO searches every single month. We are the only Irish parenting company who give a gift bag to our customers on a regular basis and have done so for the last 15 years.

How do our offline offerings compare with our online offerings?

A member is guaranteed top content for whatever parenting stage they are at via email. We run quality competitions with top brands throughout Ireland but we also pride ourselves in supporting new and smaller Irish businesses geared towards families. New content is uploaded daily along with captivating and bright imagery to ensure our members and anyone who may view our site is greeted with fresh content. We also have a panel of experts who write articles covering anything from breastfeeding to sleeping to fitness.

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Last but not least…

Twice yearly eumom are represented at the Baby Fair in the RDS by multiple colleagues who meet up to 5,000 Moms and sign them up there and then for eumom after showing them everything they can avail of by being a member. The Mom gets to see the human side of eumom and are welcomed into our community.

To sum it up, our method of offline marketing along with online ensure we invite on average a steady 4,000 members a month.

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