Here’s why we’re excited for Learn Inbound 2017


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Learn Inbound Content marketing eventsLearn Inbound kicks off this evening, that’s right, this evening, at 6 pm. But the fact that it starts after office hours, isn’t all that makes it stand out from other content marketing events in Dublin.

The conference aims to bring together some of the brightest minds in the inbound marketing industry, offering attendees the chance to network, learn about the latest tools, tactics and strategies in content marketing, SEO and much more.


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The event will play host to three talks, all focusing on one aspect of growth marketing. And Cara Harshman, former content marketing manager at Optimizely, will take to the stage first with her talk on demystifying website personalisation.

Cara will be followed on stage by growth marketing advisor, Angie Schottmuller, who’ll be explaining how to bring your IT and marketing teams together to create the ultimate team of Growth Avengers, as she puts it herself. We’re looking forward to hearing her seven remarkable hybrid hacks and clever game-changing tactics.

Hubspot’s Kieran Flanagan will be last on stage, with his talk on creating predictable growth, finding your product-channel fit and acquiring users that stick around. We can’t wait to learn all we can about identifying the behaviours and trends of our most valuable users.

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If you’re heading along, drop us a line or pop us a message on Twitter. We’d love to meet up, talk content marketing and see how we might be able to work together with a chat over a beer (or two).



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