‘Get to Know Zahra’ Episode Two



In part two of our ‘Get to Know Zahra’ series, we ask assistant food stylist Shannon Peare six questions to give us a glimpse into her life at Zahra!


Client blog post oneWhere did your passion for food and baking come from?

I started baking when I was three, with my aunty Eileen, down in my granny’s kitchen. We used to make biscuits. And I couldn’t say sieve, it was ‘fizz’! It kinda started from there. And everybody always told me not to do it, because of the unsociable hours and everything. And I just kind of said, it’s the only thing I enjoy doing. So I went to college and that was it!


Pink-2What is your favourite kind of cake or confectionery to bake?

I’ve gotten into sugar craft, so anything to do with sugar craft and making stuff with my hands is great. Cupcakes are always a great thing because they’re easy and everyone loves them.



Step 1 to creating customer personasWhat is your favourite music to listen to when baking?

That kind of changes everyday. I can go from listening to David Gray to listening to AC/DC to listening to Bruno Mars. It completely evolves through the baking, and I feel very badly for my parents having to deal with the noise of music coming from the kitchen when I’m baking. And my neighbours!


Step 1 to creating customer personasWhat is an average day at work like for you?

Nuts! Lots of stairs, and it kind of changes. Some days I’m doing stuff for the magazine, some days it’s stuff for a client, and other days I’m upstairs doing videos for again, the magazine or clients. So it’s a lot of stairs, a lot of lifting and a lot of cooking. But it’s great; I like that’s crazy because the day just flies by.


teal-5What could you not live without in work?

Tea! Genuinely the whole office will crumble around us if we don’t have tea, especially first thing in the morning. And above everything, mugs are sacred in Zahra. This is my special granddaughter one, thanks granny! Everybody has their own mug and don’t touch it, don’t touch this mug! Everybody’s mug is very special, so honestly tea is number one in Zahra.


Pink-6What is your favourite thing about working at Zahra?

Definitely the people. Honestly, it’s just such a positive environment here. It just wouldn’t be the same without everybody. Especially Penny the dog! It makes me miss my own dog and when I finally get to go home to him. It’s nice to have that in between dog! Big shout out to Johnny, my dog! But yeah honestly it’s the people and Penny, without a shadow of a doubt.


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Catch Shannon and her very own beautiful cake creations Here.

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