Get to Know Zahra Episode One



The very first of our ‘Get to know Zahra’ series! In this episode we’re asking editor of Easy Parenting magazine Emma Parkin 6 questions about her craft.


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Where did your passion for writing and editing come from?

So, I always loved comics and magazines as a child and I was obsessed with all the classics like Mandy and Judy and Twinkle. When I was a teenager, myself and my friend made our own little magazine called T-Mag, and we delivered it to our neighbours. We even had a problem page in there, and a prize and we designed a cover. Also, my dad is a journalist; he’s retired now, so I guess I always thought that anything related to writing or media sounded like fun and he always looked like he was enjoying himself.



How do you stay motivated in work?

Deadlines and pressure. I definitely thrive on deadlines…I need them. I need to be told “Emma, I want this tomorrow”, in order to achieve something. I don’t work well if it’s a long time [away]. I just need pressure all the time to keep going, and I think anyone in this industry will agree.

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What do you miss about pre-baby life?

The lie-ins, that’s for the sure…the weekend lie-ins. But to be honest, she’s so cute, and obviously she’s my little daughter so there’s nothing I really miss because I can’t remember really what life was like before her. If I’m to be brutally honest, yes, of course I do miss those long leisurely lie-ins on a Saturday. But when I see her cute little face peering over the cot, it makes up for everything.

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How do you pass the time on your commute?

It depends on what stage of the work calendar I’m at. If I’m going to print, I’ll have a pile of proofs in my bag and will be red-penning away. Otherwise I’ll be keeping up with emails to friends and texting because you don’t really get the time during the day so I just try catch up with my mates in the morning on the train. Or else I’ll be looking at emails for work if I’m on a deadline and just trying to get back to people. My guilty pleasure would be reading about showbiz on the Daily Mail…I can’t resist it, we all need a bit of gossip!



What would you struggle without in work?

This brings me back to coffee again! Strong, dark, black coffee…I guess my phone because it has a lot of my work on it and also I can keep up with friends. So yeah, I think my phone.




What’s your favourite thing about working at Zahra?

The people. I’ve made some really lovely friends working at Zahra, and I look forward to seeing them during the week and we have fun while we work and I think that’s very important.


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