From A to Zahra, Episode 7: G is for Google


You can’t have a conversation about content without mentioning our search engine overlord, Google. (Just kidding – love you Google!) When it comes to SEO and getting your content discovered by the masses, you cannot ignore Google. And with their many helpful products and tools, you would be remiss if you did.


On this episode, we welcome Mairéad Cahalan, the Editor of eumom, who is a wealth of information about the strategies, resources and best practices that go into SEO. (She’s also an amazing singer, but that’s the subject of another podcast altogether.)

Eumom recently underwent a site relaunch & a strategic content migration was carried out from the old site to the new one. Mairéad learned a ton during this massive project, which she discusses in this episode of the Zahra podcast.

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Show notes:

(01:25 – 06:00) Mairéad shares how she gained her background knowledge of SEO and learned the importance of internal linking

(06:15 – 11:30) How to effectively use internal links

(11:40 – 16:30) Favourite tools for helping SEO efforts

(16:40 – 22:00) Digging into eumom’s content migration and the five-step approach behind it

(22:25 – 26:00) Measuring the success of SEO work

(26:10 – 27:40) Tips for those getting started with SEO

(28:00 – 31:30) Is keyword tracking still a thing? And for how long?



Blog post on internal linking

Mairéad’s blog post on content migration





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