From A to Zahra, Episode 6: F is for Facebook


When it comes to content and the letter ‘F’, there is really nothing else you can talk about but Facebook. And fortunately, Zahra’s Head of Online Strategy & Insights, Sharon Tighe, lives and breathes Facebook. She is the strategist behind the eumom Facebook community and has helped to grow it into the largest group of Irish mums online.


We were honoured that she could take time out of her busy schedule to sit down and talk about many different aspects of Facebook, from the recent news of the algorithm change to why it’s such an effective platform for connecting with parents. In our conversation, she also shares stats that eumom has collected around parent’s use of Facebook, provides tips for brands looking to engage on that platform and talks about how parents can navigate the landmine of social media use as children get older.

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Show notes:

(1:00 – 4:15) We talk about the big Facebook news and what this will mean for brands

(4:30 – 5:11) Sharon theorises as to why FB made this change

(5:25 – 6:11) Is organic reach dead?

(6:14 – 8:26) What has eumom learned about parents and their use of Facebook?

(8:30 – 10:15) Tips for brands to better connect with mums on FB

(10:20 – 12:00) We discuss newer Facebook offerings, like Live and Messenger

(12:20 – 13:30) Sharon talks trends in 2018

(13:50 – 17:10) How will GDPR affect Facebook?

(17:25 – 22:15) How do parents help their children navigate Facebook?



eumom’s Facebook page

How Facebook is planning for GDPR (hint: it involves implementing a global privacy settings hub)

Parents Portal, a Facebook offering that features tips for talking to your children about online security, social media and bullying



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