From A to Zahra, Episode 4: D is for Design and Diversity



D is for design and diversity, two important concepts when it comes to content. How you present your content visually can have a great impact on how that content is received by an audience, while bad design can take away from valuable content.

In this episode, we talk to one of our designers, Yume Sato (seen below hard at work), about the importance of both design and diversity when it comes to content, the workplace and life in general.

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Show notes:

(1:40 – 3:00) Yume talks about how design impacts, and improves, content

(3:10 – 4:00) Examples of effective use of design in content

(4:20 – 5:00) Have we hit peak infographic?

(5:02 – 6:30) Yume’s suggestions for learning more about design

(6:30 – 7:30) What a marketer should keep in mind about design

(7:35 – 9:00) The importance of UX

(9:04 – 11:30) Yume’s love of design & how she got started

(11:34 – 13:30) Favourite design resources and websites, with links below

(13:38 – 14:00) Designers to follow on Instagram, with links below

(14:20 – 17:45) Diversity in the workplace

(18:00 – 19:10) Increasing the diversity of sources

(19:15 – 20:30) Diversity in design





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