From A to Zahra, Episode 2: B is for Blogging


“Great content does translate into good feelings.” – Kate Gunn

The second episode of our podcast, From A to Zahra, is live in the iTunes store. You can subscribe to it there or listen below. In this episode, brought to you by the letter B, we welcome Kate Gunn, the digital manager of the MumsOnline website.

We talk blogging, branded content and a source of content for people the world over, babies. With years of experience with both maintaining a personal blog and one for business, Kate has lots of insights into what works and what doesn’t.

Show Notes:

(1:00 – 3:24) The early days of blogging and how blogging has changed since then

(3:25 – 6:05) Why it’s important for businesses to be blogging

(6:06 – 9: 27) How to get started with blogging and the lifecycle of a blog

(9:28 – 11: 06) Is blogging a generational thing? Are the young people doing it?

(11:07 – 15:44) Mum bloggers, tips for companies creating content for/with them and examples of effective content campaigns

(15:45 – 18:24) What not to do in regards to blogger outreach & content for mums

(18:25 – 21:10) Issues around using your kids as content

(21:11 – 27:40) What brands should keep in mind when creating content and shout-out to dad bloggers

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