From A to Zahra, Episode 5: E is for Employee Experience



Caroline Collins is Head of Communications and Engagement at Irish Life and is passionate about employee experience. This is just one reason she’s a perfect person to have join us for our E podcast episode.

“Where you choose to work and spend your time professionally is even more personal than the brands you choose to wear.”

In our conversation, Caroline digs into what employee engagement entails, how content helps to improve the overall employee experience and why it’s an important topic for any business, big or small, to consider. We also talk about Connected Life, the award-winning employee magazine that Zahra publishes with Irish Life. It’s an interesting discussion and one that you’ll definitely learn from!

employee experience

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Show Notes:

(01:30 – 04:45)  Caroline defines employee experience and what it means at Irish Life

(05:00 – 06:44)  We discuss the challenges of a role involving Employee Engagement, including cross-functional boundaries

(07:00 – 10:00)  Caroline talks about how content helps her do her job, and specifically why Connected Life, the Irish Life staff-led employee magazine, works so well

(10:15 – 11:34)  Caroline shares how she sources content for the magazine from the employees of Irish Life

(11:55 – 14:17)  How does engagement play into Caroline’s role and into the employee magazine? And what metrics does she use to gauge effectiveness?

(14:25 – 15:37)  What tools does Caroline rely on to help her with her job?

(16:30 – 21:15)  Caroline talks about the part that culture plays at Irish Life, how they build it with intention and what it means for recruiting employees.

(21:58 – 23:06)  Why having a company narrative is important

(23:40 – 27:24)  Tips on how companies can improve employee experience



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