What’s your Food Tribe? (infographic)


Food tribes are communities of people that are created based upon groups of individuals that share preferences regarding the types of food they eat or don’t eat. What goes on your plate is a passionate topic for many which is why food tribes are more about identity than just dietary preferences and trends.

Brands are looking to these food tribes as influencers and precursors to what’s going to happen in the mainstream food industry.

(Food tribes) are so passionate about what they’re doing that they tend to be the biggest influencers around issues related to food and consumer packaged goods products. The values that drive them to want to be dedicated to a vegan lifestyle or a Paleo lifestyle really start to connect to values that the mainstream consumers have that will have big impact on driving real change in the marketplace.”  — Carlotta Mast, Executive Director of Content and Insights for New Hope Natural Media

The idea of food tribes is interesting, especially if you’re doing marketing work for food companies, so we decided to create an infographic about both the established and emerging food tribes that will help shed light on these crucial tastemakers who are leading the way in the food revolution.

food tribes

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