The Whole is Greater than the Sum of Its Parts: eumom & ZMG Merger



When you think parenting in Ireland, there are two names that come to mind: eumom and Easy Parenting. Both brands serve Irish families, providing advice and tips to make the parenting journey less stressful. Whether you’re looking for brand recommendations, help with breastfeeding or ideas for back-to-school lunches, these outlets will have great ideas.

So what happens when you combine the expertise of these two parenting juggernauts? Fortunately, you don’t have to wait any longer for that answer. eumom and Zahra Publishing’s Consumer Media Divisions are combining their expertise and parenting channels in a merger that will create even greater opportunities for brands to talk and connect with moms in Ireland, throughout their parenting journey.

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It makes perfect sense. Both companies foster a collaborative and positive culture within their offices, provide valuable content for their audiences and work hard to be the place where parents can find answers.

What are people looking forward to the most in this merger?

Gina Miltiadou, Managing Director of Zahra Media Group

“I am looking forward to having the input of such experienced board members, who each have such diverse but complimentary skills. Together we will be able to take Zahra Media SUPER Group, to heights only imagined. I am also looking forward to getting to know all of the talented people from eumom and working together to integrate their skills and experience with our own clever team’s.”

Kate Gunn, Digital Manager for MumsOnline

“The merger is exciting for all of us in Zahra, but especially for our parenting team. Eumom bring years of experience in the online world to us. They are experts at creating communities and providing specialised information to mums and mums-to-be at every stage of their parenting journey. I’m really looking forward to being part of a new team, as well as seeing how we can bring our fantastic communities of mums together. I’m also hoping to grow our running club numbers so that I have extra incentive to get out there each week!”

Emily Elphinstone, Digital Content Writer at eumom

“I’m looking forward to having people with different expertise to inspire, and bounce ideas off…and getting sneaky new recipe ideas.”

Sharon Tighe, Head of Social Media & Community Strategy at eumom

“I’m so looking forward to working and sharing with a bigger team! There are so many shared strengths in both companies, in our products & people, and I just can’t wait to see the interesting new opportunities, and the new company, that will develop from the pooling of this talent.”

The real fun starts next week when eumom moves into the ZMG offices. We’ll have a blog post up once the dust has settled to introduce the new folks and give you a peek into how everyone is getting on. The only guarantees are the massive amounts of creative energy that will now be contained under one roof and that there will definitely be more cake.





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