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Engagement is one of those things that can be hard to achieve. Everyone is striving for it but it can be an elusive goal. We found some very wise bits of advice concerning this topic and have compiled it in one place for easy reference. The knowledge we’re sharing covers different channels but there is something for everyone to learn in our round-up below…

Nadya Khoja of Venngage shared the results of a survey they conducted around visual content marketing and in terms of engagement, it shouldn’t be surprising that users love visual content.

“41.5% of marketers said that infographics and other original graphics were the most engaging.”

And if you don’t think you need visual content, you are in the minority.

“60.8% of marketers said that visual content was absolutely necessary.”


If you’re looking for help with LinkedIn, Susan Moeller recommends this nice piece about trends on that channel. The Content Marketing Institute, working with BuzzSumo, analysed 228,000 articles published on LinkedIn and what they noticed about them.

“LinkedIn surpasses Facebook and Twitter for social shares in many B2B areas even when the shared content is not published on LinkedIn.”

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They also took notice of which articles on LinkedIn were the most-shared. Keep the following in mind if you’re looking to create content that resonates on that channel…

Posts that are “practical, personal, professional, portray a path for change, and point toward peak experiences.”


Struggling with engagement on Facebook? Neil Patel, of Quick Sprout, shares 8 tips for how to win on this channel. Two of the most important tips include what and when you post…

“Posts with questions and images get the most engagement, while the best time to post is between 10 PM and midnight of your audience’s local time.”

Neil also shares a few things you shouldn’t be doing.

“Whatever you do, don’t post YouTube videos and don’t include hashtags with your post.”

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BuzzSumo, this time partnered with Moz, shared their insights from analysing 1 million articles online. They looked at what users shared, what they liked and what content performed the best. One finding that we found interesting…

“There are specific content types that do have a strong positive correlation of shares and links. This includes research backed content and opinion forming journalism. We found these content formats achieve both higher shares and significantly more links.”

They also discovered that the format that your content takes matters greatly.

List posts and videos achieve much higher shares on average than other content formats. However, in terms of achieving links, list posts and why posts achieve a higher number of referring domain links than other content formats on average. While we may love to hate them, list posts remain a powerful content format.”

No round-up would be complete without throwing our own voice into the mix. We’ve published a post on how to nail your customer engagement goals. There are a few things to keep in mind but one of the most important tips we include…

“People are increasingly using their smartphones as their first port of call to stay up to access the internet and news. Therefore, you must ensure that your website is responsive to mobile and that your content can be easily viewed on smartphones, tablets and phablets.”

And if you’d like to get a sense of the engaging content that we create for our clients, take a look at the three different blog posts we recently produced. From insurance to digital entertainment to mums, we have all these verticals, and many more, covered.

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