Key Elements of an Effective Promotional Campaign

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Denise Callan does sales both for eumom and the larger Zahra Media Group. In this blog post, she shares the fundamentals that all marketers should keep in mind when creating content for any campaign.

The purpose of marketing and advertising is to inform potential customers about your product or service and convince them that your offering is the best at providing them with a solution to their particular issue or concern. Your marketing and advertising strategy must have clear KPIs, and it must also include content that can Surprise, Delight, Inform and be distributed effectively to the target audience in order to Invite a response.


In a noisy, crowded media space there is intense competition for an audience’s attention. You need to do something surprising and out of the ordinary to stand out, get noticed and command your target customer’s attention. Innovative ideas can deliver fantastic results.

e.g. This campaign by Double Robotics reached 123 million people in 48 hours with no budget. It captured audience imagination and engaged them in a surprising, simple yet effective way.


Once you have caught your audience’s attention, the next challenge is to hold it. Your message has to really engage the audiences emotionally and exceed their expectations. If you get this right, they will act as brand ambassadors and amplify your message through their own networks.

e.g Canadian airline Westjet created a campaign that tugged on the tightest of heartstrings and the video has been shared again and again.


Research shows that customers make purchases based on the brand that they identify with or feel good about. Use consumer insights to identify your customer’s concerns and offer your brand as a solution. Demonstrate that you have listened to and emotionally engaged with your customers and respond to their concerns at a key stage in their buying journey.

e.g. Research carried out by Moms’ Insights told eumom that mums of 6-month-olds were struggling with sleepless nights and establishing a sleep routine. Eumom worked with a sleep expert and with JOHNSONS to produce a content piece to help these parents, then distributed that content to its email subscribers as their babies reached the 6 month milestone.

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If you have succeeded in getting your target audiences attention, engaged them with your message and responded to their needs, then it is vital that you offer them a clear call to action. Your KPIs will determine what that call to action should be. It may be that you want your audience to subscribe to an ezine, or sign-up for a free trial. Perhaps you want them to download a Special Offer coupon, or complete a sale. 

e.g. The Netflix landing page simply and clearly showcases the range of their offering, the flexibility the service offers and a very clear call to action with the ‘Join Free for a Month’ button.

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If you are clear on your KPIs, and ensure that your messaging can Surprise, Delight, Inform and Invite a response, you will find that your promotional campaigns will deliver better results for you, and ultimately drive more sales.

Let us know how we can help you to create an effective campaign!

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