Easy Parenting hosts Mums for NUK Event



Easy Parenting recently played host to the NUK Nature Sense coffee morning, in the Zahra Media Group offices. The event offered new mums the opportunity to connect with others, and chat about everything from breastfeeding support groups, to fertility struggles.

It also provided the brand with an invaluable chance to engage with consumers, and get genuine feedback about the products that each of the 9 mums had the chance to test at home, as part of their combination feeding routine.


As well as warm group discussion on the day, willing participants took part in brief interviews to camera, and completed a short survey. All this was then collated for the client, while key points from the event have been shared as an advertorial in our current issue of Easy Parenting (issue 39) along with photos from the day taken by our amazing in-house photographer Agnieszka Wypych.


Feedback following the event has been equally positive from mums and brand representatives, with the format being recommended as a model for future NUK events.

We look forward to creating more events for our mums, and some of the brands we love, in future.

Want to talk to us about how an event can help your brand? Drop us a line and we’d be happy to chat.

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