How to Work with Sales to Make Better Content


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As content marketers, we should be looking to our sales team as a source of ideas for content as well as running ideas by them to see if the content is actually meeting a customer need. And since 47% of B2B buyers consume three to five pieces of content prior to engaging with a salesperson, it’s in the best interest of the sales team to be talking to those creating the content.

Working together provides a fantastic opportunity to learn about how the sales team does their job, what challenges they encounter while talking to potential customers and figure out how to create content that would help them to be more effective in selling the product.

Ways to work with sales:

1. Sit in on a demo. This the best way to hear what questions the customer is asking, what obstacles the sales team face and what the talking points are during an actual product demo. There are a variety of content ideas that can be gleaned from doing this, everything from blog posts answering the most frequent questions to product guides that explain often overlooked features to a webinar series featuring customers and members of the sales team.

2. Ask the sales team. What is the one thing that would help them to close sales quicker? Is there a document or asset that they could send to potential customers that would answer questions more effectively or sway a decision maker? If that piece of content doesn’t exist, it should be next on your list of things to create.

3. Get their input. Before you start working on new content, have a quick chat with the sales team to see what they think of the idea. Perhaps there’s an angle to the content that you hadn’t thought about? Or maybe there’s a gap in the customer journey that your content could help fill? If nothing else, talking to the sales team in these early stages will get them excited for the content you’re creating and make them feel like they are invested in using this content once it’s finished.

Even though you’re on separate teams, the end goal is the same: success for the product and more revenue for the company. Sales and marketing can work together to meet this goal, making everyone’s job easier and the customer happier. What’s not to like about any of that?


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