How Competitions Can Link Small Businesses to Engaged Audiences



Ciara Morgan is our Business Relationship Manager and manages the logistics of the eumom gift bag and hospital information packs. Ciara also liaises with small and large businesses to create on-site competitions.

Our competitions are our most engaged pages. It’s our members’ reward for being so loyal to us and it’s a company’s way of reaching an audience in a light, positive way, possibly for the first time.

When I began working in this role, I had a catalogue of start-up companies who were well on their way to success but I wanted to give them an extra boost as most were ‘mompreneurs’ or family-run businesses. In 2016 and 2017, eumom was focussed on helping the working mom and supporting them through every step so giving them a platform to reach an engaged, relevant audience was important.


When I search for businesses to host competitions for on our eumom site, I tend to look for the following:

1. Relevancy — Will our audience like them and engage with the email and on our social channels? Is the company in keeping with our ethos and offering valued product?

2. Small companies — I love to choose young companies to help introduce them to future customers, while also increasing their reach and income.

3. Well-known companies — Established companies are very important as our audience instantly recognises the name and when they see a significant prize with them, this causes a lot of excitement, along with vastly increased social media interaction.

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I approach businesses with the above criteria in mind and have them fill in details they would like to be shared with our base of moms. They usually send a small couple of lines about their business and I use this as a starter to get going. When writing a competition, I want to ensure it fully captures the essence of the client’s company as well as ensuring it’s in keeping with the tone of

Reading through the client’s social channels and website are important for capturing that personal touch along with the relationship I would have progressively built with my contact throughout the process. Personally, I think capturing the little details are key to drawing people in to connect with the competition, prize and the company.

The absolute best part of my job is reaction from winners along with the reaction of small business clients when they see how well their competition has been received.

Just today, I informed a winner they had won a €150 voucher to spend before Christmas and her reaction was everything! She informed me that her family have had a very tough time recently and through this prize they would be able to relax and enjoy the Christmas period with a lot less pressure — this reaction is enough to warm the cockles of the coldest heart.

Proof our personal approach works…

We always pick a relatively small, engaged base per competition and it depends on who is most relevant at what stage e.g baby products tend to go to our pregnant members, older toys and books go to parents of toddlers and luxury breaks go to a mix of ages. This ensures a high open rate of an average of 63% and high pageviews and entries.

Our larger company partners achieved the following results:

  • The highest record for a Family break competition in 2017 is 20,284 pageviews and 6,429 entries.
  • The highest record for a shopping voucher competition is a massive 24,430 pageviews and 6,720 entries.

The smaller businesses, who in some cases have never advertised outside of their own organic reach, had the following results:

  • One client hadn’t even opened their business yet and they yielded 23,567 pageviews along with 5,775 entries. What a result to begin the journey!
  • Most other small businesses reached up to 15,000 pageviews and 3,000 entries

We advertise that our pageviews result will be up to 13,000 but in reality we have seen this soar through 2017 for a couple of reasons: 1) Our new look eumom site went live in March and generated a lot of interest and proved very easy to navigate and 2) we reduced the amount of emails and competitions that went out to our members after listening to their feedback so we tend to stick to 1 competition, maximum 2 competitions per week.

We have seen that this has absolutely worked as our average pageviews for 2016 were 3,765 with a total of 133 competitions going to different bases. We finished 2017 with the average pageviews at 7,995 and sent only 78 competitions.

If you’d like to see how an eumom competition might help your brand, get in touch!

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