5 Tips for Creating Christmas Content That Doesn’t Suck

christmas content doesn't suck


This time of year can be stressful — the holiday shopping, the crowds, the insane amount of advertisements everywhere you look. Consumers are tired and to get their attention during the Christmas season, you need to take extra care not to annoy them and to respect their frazzled state. We’ve put together a list of five things that will help you to create Christmas content that does not suck…

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Readers love interactivity.

Whether it’s a quiz that tells you what party persona you are, the chance to turn yourself into a dancing elf or the opportunity to create a flipbook for a friend, brands that get people to engage with content are rewarded with time and attention. Look to give something to the reader that is fun, silly or interesting and the reader will remember you for it.



Videos work.

You can play up the traditional bits of the holiday and pull at consumer’s heartstrings — see any campaign that focuses on soldiers coming home for Christmas or families reuniting. Another option is to use technology to produce something innovative that impresses people with how cutting edge your brand is. Either way, videos are one of the best ways to connect with your audience.

christmas content doesn't suck

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Use humour.

It can be hard to do, but making your audience laugh, especially during a time when they’re feeling the stress of the season, is invaluable. You can poke fun at the things that everyone is complaining about (the traffic, the crowds at the mall or Aunt Mary’s awful jumpers) or inject a little levity by not taking your brand so seriously. And this doesn’t just apply to B2C businesses. Christmas is a great time for B2B companies to show a bit of personality and relish in the good tidings.


Step 1 to creating customer personas

Focus on the positive.

Despite the consumerism of the holiday, people want to feel good at this time of year. Share stories that spread the Christmas spirit, highlight the good things that are going on and tap into those happy feelings that people are seeking. Do you best to win over those Grinches out there and spread the goodwill of the season.



Don’t forget the children.

Christmas is a time when magic is encouraged, so sprinkle some fairy dust on your content and appeal to the childlike wonder that is so abundant during the holidays. If you can successfully reach a child with your content, then chances are, you’ve also reached their parents. Google’s Santa Tracker is a fantastic example of this but anything that is animated, light-hearted and appeals to the kid in us all can work.


Christmas doesn’t have to be a challenging time for creating content. If you’re looking for some help from the Zahra elves, please get in touch.


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