Case Study: Utilising Email & Video For Client Campaigns

Case Study_ Utilising Email & Video For Client Campaigns

When encouraging users to sign-up to a product, or to hand over their details in any way, it is important to make the process as easy as possible, and to highlight the benefits.

A great example of this is a recent campaign eumom ran with Boots, to promote their Boots Parenting Club. Running over a number of months, the campaign included 3 articles, focusing on different ways in which it would benefit mom, all of which could be interlinked to give a broader picture. These were supported by video, social media posts, and targeted emails, to ensure that the message both reached and engaged the right consumers.

Content Creation


1. Ease of Use

To open the campaign, a 1-minute video gives the ‘5 Easy Steps’ on how to sign up, using engaging images and video, layered with simple text instructions, to highlight the ease of signing up and the amazing benefits. This is hosted on both eumom’s youtube account, and embedded into a focused article, with links directly to the sign-up page.

2. Benefits for Parents

Part two features a real mom, herself an eumom member, speaking directly to camera. Using a genuine consumer immediately makes the product seem more trustworthy. It also makes the video seem more engaging, giving viewers a persona they identify with. This time the video focuses on the benefits of membership for parents: Expert advice, free gifts, personalised offers, and earning points as you spend. Once again, the video is hosted on youtube, and is embedded in a focused article, linking to the Boots membership page, and featuring key points from the video in bullet form.

Case Study- Utilising Email & Video
3. Benefits for Mom herself

The final article approaches a different aspect of how membership benefits the consumer: Demonstrating ways for mom to treat herself. This not only brings a new aspect to how the membership scheme can benefit mom, but also reminds the consumer of the different products on offer outside the campaign’s strict parameters. It demonstrates that treating yourself and buying for baby can be interlinked.

Case Study - social mediaSocial Media

As all this content relates to a long-term campaign, the initial output continues to remain relevant. It can thus be introduced to different parts of eumom’s own customer base on an ongoing basis: First through a social media campaign which shares the videos directly on Facebook as well as linking to the articles. This had a total reach of 86,931 on eumom’s Facebook page, with 13,189 individual video views over 9 posts.

Case Study- Utilising Email & Video For Client Campaigns


To launch the campaign to the eumom core base, elements were included in the weekly eumom newsletters, which are sent to 3 segregated bases: Pregnant, Age 0 – 2, and Age 2+ (to ensure that all our readers only receive information and articles which are relevant to them.) But to continue reaching those whom the campaign is most relevant to, it is also sent as a ‘trigger email’ shared automatically when the eumom is 19 weeks pregnant, and 30 weeks pregnant. This engages the consumer when they are particularly interested (as shown with the 43% and 35% open rate of emails.) It avoids saturating consumers with the same message; plus avoids regularly emailing consumers who are unlikely to engage (and who might unsubscribe if they receive too many emails.)

Key Points

  • Dividing the campaign to highlight different key points, creates more shareable content, and ensures that the message is broken down into manageable and quickly consumable elements.
  • Written content and video used: This can then be shared either together or separately on site, and through social email.
  • Email utilised to target consumers at their most engaged.
  • Campaign introduced over a period of a few months, spreading awareness to the most interested parties as they need it.

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