Case Study: Creating a Multi-Format Campaign for Bosch

Case Study_ Creating a Multi-Format Campaign for Bosch


According to a recent study by Wordstream, the average user spends 88% more time on a website with video. So it makes sense for brands to include video in their marketing campaigns, alongside written content, and images.

That’s why across Zahra Media Group and eumom, we are offering clients the opportunity to engage their target audience through multiple formats for the same campaign, in order to maximise audience interest.

A great example of this was a recent Bosch Home Appliance campaign, which included written content, a competitiondisplay banners and video, in order to reach consumers with different preferences for engaging with information. These could then be shared across multiple platforms, to maximise the opportunities for our audience to engage with the campaign.

Why use different formats?

Content featuring video as well as text gains 94% more views than its text-only counterparts. And since consumers process information in different ways, opening up the message to different formats broadens the number of consumers likely to engage. Including video also appeals to the time-poor. Though a full article might take 2 minutes to read, key points can be condensed into an audio-visual message of only 30 seconds. There is then the option to learn more from the article, once already engaged.

With eumom’s recent Bosch home appliance campaign, the video content features real moms who had tested the product, discussing their findings in a home setting. This utilises the current trend for celebrating real customers and reflecting the audience back at themselves, which creates a more trustworthy and genuine impression for viewers.

Competitions speak to the audience in a different way, by offering an instant hook. On the eumom website, they are consistently amongst our top landing pages, with up to 13,000 page views on average per competition.

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How to maximise engagement

The key when creating a campaign across multiple platforms is to maximise interest, without the feeling of repetition, or saturating a single point. In video this can be done by creating a number of different edits: A longer version of the video hosted on YouTube, and embedded into the main article on site, where people are interested in a more detailed discussion. This video can also be edited into 30-second versions, highlighting one particular aspect of the campaign. These shorter videos work particularly well on social media and the website homepage, where they drive the message in a way which suits people’s less-focused attention spans.

The range of different campaign elements available provides greater original content to share on social media, which can then be used to encourage click-throughs back to the main source of information — in this case, the full-length (ideally 2-3 minute) video, and written content. For the Bosch campaign, this led to a reach of over 60,000 users for the floor-care article alone, over 2 weeks.

The key is to balance when, and how each element is shared, so each format reaches its target audience effectively, and emphasises the brand message: Written content and video draw in consumers, competitions introduce a sense of urgency, while interlinking with the home page, article, and social media works to maximise interest.

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Finally, these campaign elements can be brought together in a dedicated email, which can be sent to a carefully segregated base. According to Hubspot, video in an email leads to 200-300% increase in click-through rates.

Though it may seem most effective to communicate with as wide an audience as possible, consumers who are unlikely to engage with an email become less likely to engage with the campaign elsewhere if they receive unwanted communication. However, consumers who engage with email (such as those who enjoy competitions, who regularly click-through links, and who the product is relevant to) will bring much higher returns, which is why targeting a specific base will be more effective for both consumers and brands.

In this instance, as our social media pages focused on the video and article, the dedicated email focused on the competition element (to win a Bosch vacuum cleaner worth over €150.) To maximise impact, the email was targeted to an audience who regularly engage in home-related content/surveys, and competitions.

This relevant message produced nearly 4000 entries to the competition, and over 6000 page views in November alone. It also led viewers once again to the video, and display images linking to the product, which were both on the competition homepage.

Of course, every campaign and every client is different…that’s the fun of it. So if you’d like to discuss how we could help your brand, then we’d love to hear from you.

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