Case Study: DID Electrical

DID case study

Client: DID Electrical
Content Agency: Zahra Media Group
Services: Content creation, design, weekly digital newsletter, video production & inclusion in Easy Food magazine
Audience: A broad audience of DID Electrical customers who had opted into marketing communications as well as the broader public.

Leading retailer DID Electrical wanted to use strategic content marketing to activate their sponsorship of the reality television show, Celebrity MasterChef Ireland.

We wanted to create additional value around our Celebrity Masterchef sponsorship and knew that content would be an effective way of accomplishing that goal. Zahra came up with a complete strategy, everything from videos to recipes to influencers, that engaged our customers and helped to spotlight our products in way we had never imagined. The additional benefit of the inclusion in Easy Food was obvious, as we were able to reach a segment of our customers who may have missed our digital offerings. We gave out free copies of the magazine in our store and the demand was through the roof. I can confidently say that this Celebrity Masterchef campaign was the proudest I’ve been of any content that DID Electrical has put out.“  – Darren Hardiman, Head of Marketing, DID Electrical


The campaign’s core objectives were:

  • To increase customer engagement
  • To increase sales within the cooking division of the client’s stores nationwide
  • To maximise the return on investment on their sponsorship by activating the sponsorship beyond the programme


Zahra Media Group was engaged to:

  • Develop a comprehensive content strategy for this campaign with the client
  • Create original digital content to accompany the weekly episodes of Celebrity MasterChef
  • Execute editorial and video creation, design and production
  • Create a special feature in two issues of Easy Food magazine which included a DID Electrical/Celebrity MasterChef winner ‘takeover’ of the magazine




Zahra stepped up to the challenge by putting together a multi-facted campaign that incorporated video, print, digital content and food blog influencers. There was a weekly newsletter that featured videos of essential kitchen skills, recipes created by the food bloggers based on the weekly episodes, behind-the-scenes content about the contestants that were eliminated and videos of popular Irish comedians watching the Celebrity MasterChef shows with the food bloggers. In addition to all of the online content, Zahra also produced two special inserts for Ireland’s most popular food magazine, Easy Food.


Lessons learned:

Keep your target audience in mind. It’s easy to want to appeal to your entire customer base, but some campaigns are better suited to a niche category of customers. We knew that those interested in cooking would love this campaign and all of the content proved to a be a hit with this section of the audience.

Video works. Whether it was videos that taught kitchen skills or recap videos featuring comics and food bloggers talking about the episode, all campaign metrics pointed towards the success of video. The videos were well-produced, very popular and shared widely on social media.

Organisation is key. When a campaign features many moving pieces, it becomes even more important to have a good system of informing all the stakeholders of the deadlines around the content. We used weekly progress calls and a critical path spreadsheet to keep everyone in the loop.


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