Case Study: Coeliac Awareness Week

Easy Gluten-Free

Easy Gluten-Free case study

Campaign: Coeliac Awareness Week
Publisher: Zahra Media Group
Audience: Readers of Easy Gluten-Free magazine and those looking to learn more about Coeliac disease

Easy Gluten-Free is a brand extension of Easy Food, Ireland’s best selling food magazine, and it fills a void in the marketplace for the growing number of people avoiding gluten in Ireland. It provides both coeliacs and those following a gluten-free diet with a go-to source for useful, entertaining and inspiring information on healthy gluten-free living. The magazine is published quarterly in conjunction with Coeliac Society of Ireland.

The campaign’s core objectives were:

  • To increase reader engagement and loyalty
  • To support the goals of Ceoliac Awareness week
  • To promote Easy Gluten-Free magazine
  • To highlight the work of the Coeliac Society of Ireland


Zahra Media Group was engaged to:

  • Create all of the content for the campaign, including social media posts
  • Develop a strategy to support an entire week’s worth of content
  • Execute engaging visual design, infographics and videos



Coeliac Awareness Week 2017 was the ideal time to promote the Easy Gluten-Free magazine on social media, using great content that would spark our followers’ attention.

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We recycled some content from previous issues of the magazine, creating infographics, recipe videos and lots of visual content, as well as coming up with some new content to keep things fresh and up-to-date.

Additionally, we ran a competition which asked readers to share one thing they would like to see more of in the next edition of the magazine. This generated some great ideas and gave the Easy Gluten-Free team good insight into what their followers most like to read about. The competition had 32 entries and a reach of 3,642 users. And, the 10 winners received a goodie bag full of gluten-free goodies.


  • 19% increase in Twitter followers over the course of the week-long campaign
  • 68 new Facebook page likes, an increase of over 2,000%
  • The video performed well on both platforms, reaching 726 people with 204 views on Facebook.


 “The Zahra Content Marketing Team did an amazing job of managing and promoting our social media during Coeliac Awareness Week. As a relatively new title, it was fantastic to see how quickly our following could grow, and we now have a solid base upon which we can keep building in the future.”  — Jocelyn Doyle, Editor, Easy Gluten-Free.


Lessons learned:

A little bit can go a long way. As few as one social media post per day can boost reach and engagement greatly, if done consistently and providing value.

Visual content is important. Videos and infographics perform best for Easy Gluten-Free on social, so posts of these formats should be used more frequently. This kind of visual content also tends to be the most shared, so engagement is higher as well.

Know your audience. Using insights gleaned from Facebook during this campaign, Easy Gluten-Free was able to learn a ton about the people reading and interacting with the content. The majority of the Easy Gluten-Free fan base is female and between the ages of 35 and 44, which means that the magazine can now create content with a new social target audience in mind.


If you’d like us to create a campaign for your brand or non-profit, be sure to get in touch. Our content contains no allergens and is guaranteed to go down smoothly.


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