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Generating new and exciting ideas isn’t always easy. But brainstorming can make the task that little bit easier. It’s the first step in the exploration phase of a new project. And, it’s a brilliant way of getting creativity flowing amongst your team.

We recently asked our Twitter friends whether or not brainstorming is an essential part of their creative process. And the result? That 100% of those surveyed answered yes; brainstorming is key!

Brainstorming works well when it’s done properly. So, before kicking off your next brainstorm, check out our top tips below.

Remember that there are no silly ideas in a brainstorm.

It’s important to be open to all ideas and suggestions. There’s nothing to gain from making someone feel as though they’ve put forward something silly. Take all ideas on board and eliminate any judgement.

Get outside of your usual environment.

A change in environment will help you think in different ways. Why not head out to a nice open space or a quiet coffee shop.

Allow everyone to have their say.

Ensure that those who are quiet have equal time in the spotlight as those who have the tendency to dominate discussions. It’s important to hear what everyone at the brainstorm has to say.

Encourage collaboration.

It’s a great idea to bring a wide range of viewpoints together in a brainstorm. Ask members of other teams to partake in the activity.

Research is key.

Outline the goal of the brainstorm to all participants, a few days before it takes place. Ask all participants to research the topic and to bring at least one idea with them on the day. You can then develop on those as a group.

Brainstorming tips

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