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The Zahra design team attended Offset this past weekend, which is a must-attend event for any graphic designer or creative artist. Offset is a three-day design conference that takes place in the Bord Gais Energy Theatre and provides inspiring, thought-provoking presentations with humour and honesty. The variety of design work showcased was from all fields (graphic to digital) as well as from all over the world.

Yume and Nikki

Here are the highlights according to our designers…

Day One

Rod Hunt
Rod Hunt, an illustrator based in London, gave a talk on the main stage that our design team really enjoyed. In addition to sharing insight into his work ethic, he mentioned that he puts 10% of what he makes back into advertising his work. This was surprising as most of the audience assumed he would have people coming to him for work constantly. One thing he said that resonated was that “if you’re following a trend, then you’re doing it wrong”.


Gavin Little
Gavin Little, a sound designer working for Echolab, provided a glimpse into his work process and the thought that goes with it. He is an amazing designer with a wide range of work, from movie trailers to Nike and Adidas commercials. Everyone was interested in learning how he works, since much of what he does varies greatly from usual day-to-day design projects.

Day Two

Kelli Anderson
Interactive designer Kelli Anderson is currently exploring how design can “tap into invisible forces at play in the world to make unexpected things happen”. She uses simple materials like paper and makes them do beautiful things, such as creating a record player out of only paper and a pin. Her work is amazing. Our designers were especially impressed with the pop-up book she made that turns into a working camera, again only made from paper.

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Marion Deuchars
Marion Deuchars, a designer who combines children’s book illustration with fashion magazine cover typography, was a favourite. In addition to sharing her artwork, Marion also provided tips on how to feel more confident about your work by accepting its imperfections. Such a valuable thing for all designers to hear!

Day Three

The Project Twins
Twin brothers from Cork, The Project Twins are illustrators who do a lot of work for finance magazines from all around the world. They were commissioned to illustrate a wall in the Facebook HQ and Facebook loved having them around so much that they asked the twins to move into their building for a few months to work on art projects. A great testament to having creative people around in the workspace!


Nhu Xuan Hua
Nhu Xuan Hua is a fashion photographer whose work is more artistic and conceptual, with a very unique aesthetic. The designers enjoyed hearing how each of her editorials are inspired by feelings like fear and love, dreams and nightmares and arts in general. This talk felt especially compelling because the photographer puts so much of her personal passions into her work.

Other highlights included Alan Aboud, a creative director; Nils Leonard from Grey London; Kirsten Lepore, a stop motion animator; and Chemistry Advertising’s discussion of their current campaign for the Irish Cancer Society.

There were so many amazing speakers that it was difficult for our designers to just pick a few. Hearing great professionals talk about their insecurities and the solutions they found for problems provided great fuel for creativity.

If you want to see what our designers can do for you, feel free to drop us a note.



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