7 ways a content marketing agency can make your life easier (Slideshow)


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Content marketing has proven itself a bit of a star player, with more and more brands opening their eyes to its undeniable value.
There are so many components and factors to be considered for a successful content marketing strategy that it can seem like a huge uphill battle.
If only there were groups of people armed with the necessary skills and know-how to take care of it all for you!
Enter the content marketing agency. We’re listing 7 of the main benefits of hiring one for your brand…


Client blog post oneOne of the biggest advantages of hiring a content marketing agency is having the expert touch. You don’t have to spend time and resources training your staff to create and implement a content marketing strategy; an agency already has every necessary skill needed.



Pink-2Similar to this, a content marketing agency has already carried out successful campaigns and strategies before. They know the deal with user-generated content, engagement, inbound marketing, SEO, customer personas, buyer journeys and so on. This experience eliminates the risk factor in creating a content strategy.


Step 1 to creating customer personasYou save your team heaps of time if you outsource your content marketing. This way your staff can focus solely on the tasks they were hired to do in the first place.




Step 1 to creating customer personasAnalytics is an integral part of content marketing. All content marketing agencies will have a team member or multiple team members who are dab hands with keywords, landing pages, ROI, retention metrics and all the best tools for finding this information out. This can be a minefield if not familiar!


teal-5An agency has the time and resources to create a brimming editorial calendar. And vitally, keep on top of it at all times. It can be a big task for your in-house team to manage this to full effect.




Pink-6Financially, you don’t need to purchase new software or tools as an agency will already have access to these. You will also save money on overhead costs and salary increases. Or indeed the cost of hiring new staff to do the job.



7For professionals that want to build an online presence or become a thought leader in their field but don’t have the time or exact skills to blog, tweet, post or generate content? A content marketing agency can work as a ghostwriter for this.




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